Raccat Tyon stop windows display sleeping – Solution

Raccat Tyon is a very nice gaming mouse, however, I noticed that with it plugged in, the screen, or have to say the PC would never get into sleep. After a few experiments a simple solution has been found, which requires the installation of the Tyon driver.

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Apple iPad pro charger 2018-2011 genuine Vs. replica

Recently bought an Apple iPad pro charger replica online. Hence didn't find too much information online, I made a quick comparison between the original and replica. The replica not only charges the iPad pro 2020 but also some other USB-C powered laptops. However, for safety reasons probably only use as if there is no other choices.

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8K video shoot on mobile phone, the simple tests on Note 20 Ultra

From my simple point of view, the 8K shooting on Note 20 Ultra is probably more like a commercial gimmick or something you could show off on your phone rather to have some real practical use. It might be useful if you apply a gimble (eg osmo mobile) to stabilise the footage as while shooting in 8K, the stabilisation is really very basic and limited. Also the Zooming, tracking auto-focus and some other stuff are not available in the 8K, either, make the 4K more practical to produce something useful (this is also considering that 8K video is not very widely watched for now). No mention the 24 fps Vs. 60 fps, that limit some of your post-editing space.

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Surface pen top button not working problem & fix

A quick video to show the problem and the fix to solve this. Basically the pen can pair but won't work after a short while, it is most likely the Bluetooth driver problem. After updating the Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver to the latest the problem is solved.

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High-res template for Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

Just a quick share of this template in PNG format and hope this could help whoever need it. Take a few minutes to make it but probably would save someone who is not familiar with editing a few hours to get this. In order to use, just download the PNGs below and insert it into your design, this version have transparent background so would fit for most of the use cases. If you need the PSD version please leave a comment here.

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